Male pattern baldness

It was discovered that natural male pattern baldness is exclusive trait of human types with medium-sized or high foreheads. In other words only Plato, Voltaire, Darwin and Lincoln type males have inborn natural male pattern baldness. Male of Bronson, Ramses and Norton types that have small forehead naturally never go bald. They have only general thinning of hair in the case of some disease or excess of DHT similarly like women of all types. Meanwhile more than half of males of Plato, Lincoln, Voltaire and Darwin types start losing their hair later after puberty.

There’s hypothesis that main function of male pattern baldness is defensive – bald head easily reveales big forehead (which can be not noticed if a person has longer hair) and that acted as a warning sign to emotional human type people with low foreheads that they are dealing with individual who has rational psychological qualities (it must be noted that large forehead is not sign of higher overall intellect, but indicates existance of psychological interpersonal processes (pscyhoanalysis and pscyhological relations in the case of Plato and Darwin types) and larger area of personality control in the frontal lobes).

Plato type
Lincoln type 
Voltaire type 
Darwin type 

Even now bald head acts as a sign of agressiveness and danger. Many Plato, Voltaire, Lincoln and Darwin type males shave their heads (even if they are not balding) in order to get more agressive look.

Shaving heads is extremely popular between nationalist groups who call themselves “skinheads” or “neonazis”. Most of the people who belong to such groups are Plato type moderists.







In military shaving head is usually done for both sanitary and aesthetical reasons in order to make soldiers look more agressive like in the example of lincoln type soldier below:








Shaving heads is especially popular between “black” darwin and plato type men. It’s done mostly for aestethical reasons.








Ramses, Norton and Bronson type men usually avoid shaving completely their heads and prefer to have “buzz cut” instead when there’s need to shorten hair. The reason is simply aesthetical (completely shaven head does not look aesthetically pleasing on Ramses, Norton and Bronson men).