Geographic spread of human types

Today exact statistics of human type demographics is still not possible to produce but it’s possible to approximately estimate pervasion of various human types and where they are most dominant.

At present moment Bronson type is absolutely most widespread human type. It is present in all societies and the large populations of east Asian countries makes it easily most populated type on earth. Universal qualities of intellect and high adaptability enabled Bronson type’s dominance on earth.

Close second widespread type is Plato type which has abilities to survive most harsh physical and psychological conditions. Plato type is mostly widespread in territories which were considered before advancement of technological age as most unsuitable for living. It includes Scandinavian peninsula, Iceland, east and north Europe, hottest spots of Africa and similar locations with bad conditions.

More comfort demanding types inhabited much more geographically ideal locations such as shores near meditarenean sea, middle east and similar therefore Ramses and Voltaire types there are extremely widespread.

Norton type populations on the other hand because of intellectually demanding current norms of society are quite rapidly disappearing.

In the future we will see continuous spreading of Darwin, Voltaire and Lincoln types.

Here is very rough map of geographic distribution of human types:

We will use photos of student groups from various countries to roughly illustrate genotypical demographics in various regions of the world. Let’s first take a look at group of chinese students:

As you can see most of the people in the photo are Bronson type individuals. Also there can be seen lesser minority of Darwin, Plato and Norton genotype persons. Such genotypical composition of population is quite typical for whole east Asia.

In the next photo you can see group of egyptian students from Cairo:

As you can see most of the students are of Ramses type. Voltaire and Bronson type people make up significant minority in this group. This is typical genotypical composition of population in middle east and North Africa.

Now we will look at types of nigerian students:

As you can see in this picture absolute majority of people are of Darwin genotype. Also there is very small minority of Bronson and Plato genotype people. It must be noted once again that Darwin genotype women are of Plato type thus they are marked with the same color as Plato men in this photo. This is once again very typical genotypical composition of subsaharan Africa. Nowhere in the world there exists such genotypical uniformity as it is in countries where “black race” is dominant. Africa together with East Asia makes up most monogenous societies in the world but the difference in Africa is that Darwin genotype is made up from two psychological types whereas in Asia dominant Bronson genotype is made up from one human type of different sexes.

Below you can see a group of finnish students. Apparently most people in the photo are of Plato genotype. Bronson and Darwin genotypes make up small minority. This photo quite nicely reflects real genotypical situation in Finland. In other scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway situation is similar but recent immigrations quite significantly changed genotypical make-up of their societies.

In most west, eastern, southern european countries and countries that appeared in the process of european colonisation (like USA, Australia etc.) genotypical composition is much more diverse compared to scandinavian, east asian, middle eastern and african countries.