About Us

Human Type Theory was created by two brothers Balys and Liutauras Mituzas from Šiauliai, Lithuania.

The creation of theory began in the year 1992 when 18 year old Balys Mituzas (Lincoln type) became interested in anthropology and human typology together with his interest in Socionics. In the process of analyzing human brain he began to notice relation between cranial proportions and brain structure. Soon the typology of socionics and MBTI were completely discarded as having no biological background and full attention was given to the study of brain structure and its relation to psychological behaviours and inellectual capacity. He also encouraged his brother Liutauras Mituzas (Darwin type) to join his research.

Theory was created mainly by doing thorough theoretical research (including study of many anatomical, anthropological and psychological works) and analyzing theoreticaly brain functions, systemizing main functions of various brain parts, investigating proportions of human skulls and their relation to brain structure, analyzing psychological behaviour of various human types and trying to check credibility of various hypothesis by empirically studying everyday people, observing existing relationship patterns and pscyhological behaviours. In other words many people unknowingly became live study objects who were instrumental in making human type theory possible. The active research phase took about 10 years. By trial and error human type theory took its final shape.

Human type theory is a unique psychophysiological human typology. It will give better understanding of social, evolutionary and psychological realities of our society. Also theory might help to forge new relationships and give insight how to form harmoniously working collective. We consider human type theory to be the only truly useful human typology because it has objective measures to determine psychological type (whereas other typologies rely on abstract, subjective or even mystical measures therefore more than often they lead to results resembling those of “horoscopes”).

Author of this website:

Author of this website together with all illustrations, models, descriptions and articles is Jurgis Valančauskas (aka JV; Darwin type) who proposed idea to bring theory to the english speaking world. Also he made some changes in naming of types, terminology and overall structure of theory (in order to make theory more coherent and refined). Currently he is main contact person regarding theory or any additional questions anyone might have.